Thinc Big

21 Oct

Have you ever bothered to talk to your barber about his business? It might affect how you shape yours. Such a simple but powerful idea. And that’s what Paige Craig delivered today at Thinc Iowa. In fact, it was sort of his theme. “Think big, execute small.” I like this guy.

He didn’t deliver a bunch of mumbo tech jumbo that I would never understand. Instead, he inspired everyone in the room with real-world ideas that resonate across industries. Heck, they were ideas any business – big or small, tech or old school – need to hear. Treat your employees well, dream big but execute deliberately, focus on yourself and not what others are doing … duh.

I left the room so inspired. Even I spent the lunch hour dreaming of my big idea that can make an impact. Nothing techy (yet) or revolutionary (does it have to be?) but I’m dreaming and ready to act. Isn’t that was this is all about? Thanks, Thinc Iowa.


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