How I Can Help You

Numbers aren’t my thing—I’ve never been good at math and source code looks like a Sudoku puzzle to me. Words are my strength. I love and respect language, and I hope to use that passion to help tech startups and other entrepreneurs succeed.

In the last year, I’ve met a lot of amazing business people. Some of them have no problem explaining who they are, what they do, and why it’s important or different. Many others, however, struggle with putting their vision into words. “I understand what I’m doing, why don’t you?” It’s also difficult for many people (myself included) to talk about themselves.

Formulating a clear, concise, and clever “elevator pitch” for yourself and your business is critical. Being talented and building an amazing product or service is meaningless if no one knows about it, understands it, or cares about it.

I’m not your typical marketing pro, I do things differently because of my journalism background. I don’t believe in SELL SELL SELL as a marketing strategy. I don’t like it as a consumer and (especially in Iowa) I don’t think it works. I believe a better approach is relationship marketing, which starts with great storytelling. When someone really knows you, respects why you do what you do, and understands how it affects them positively, they are more likely to buy.

Creating a great marketing message isn’t difficult, but it requires the ability to step outside of yourself to think objectively about your skills and services. Unfortunately, that’s not something most of us can do.

That’s where I come in. As a journalist, I know how to ask questions that elicit the types of answers that make for great marketing fodder. As an outsider, I can relate to what the average person will want to know and help uncover confusion points. As an independent observer, I am able to recognize interesting details one might overlook in themselves.

Successful business people are masters at delegation. Asking for help with a bio, one sheet, web verbiage, or other marketing pieces, should be no different. If you need help telling your story, contact me. I’d love to learn what you’re doing and help you spread the word.


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